• Pre-employment Medical Program

    Our expert clinical team can tailor a program to help you make the right recruitment decision.

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  • Injury Management Program

    Our primary focus is on urgent injury management, rehabilitation and safe return to work strategies.

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  • Annual Health & Vaccine Program

    Implementing an employee health and vaccine program will bring positive outcomes for everyone.

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  • Travel Health & Vaccine Program

    We have extensive experience in dealing with global travel health education and vaccinations.

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  • Skin Cancer Check Program

    Employers should consider steps to reduce the risk of UVR exposure that can lead to skin cancer.

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Annual Health & Vaccine Program

Did you know that unhealthy employees cost you money in terms of sick leave, reduced productivity and low morale? Make sure your workforce stays healthy and productive by implementing an employee health, wellbeing and vaccine program.

This program commences with an initial health check that gives employees a comprehensive understanding of their current health and the opportunity discuss any changes that could be of benefit including topics like smoking cessation, alcohol intake, obesity etc. Each employee receives results and information together with advice on how to make workable changes to improve their individual health and lifestyle. This is followed up usually on an annual basis or as required which allows Employmenthealth to monitor progress over time and provide relevant information. Alongside this, Employmenthealth can also implement a vaccine program to cover such things as flu and/or tetanus, hepatitis B etc for high risk job roles.

The Issue…

Ensuring a healthy and productive workforce.

Our Solution…

  • Employees are the most valuable assets of any company/organisation.
  • One way to maintain the health status of employees is through annual health and wellbeing checks.
  • Annual health and wellbeing checks can help your valuable employees identify and improve their health, leading to improved productivity and better workplace engagement.
  • Having an effective health and wellbeing program also signals to employees that you value them as individuals. This contributes very strongly to the perception of your company being a “Great Place to Work“.

The Issue…

Minimising sick days and preparing your staff for the upcoming flu season.

Our Solution…

  • Flexible approach.
  • Staff can attend any of the clinics where they are assessed.
  • Employmenthealth nurses/doctors can attend your work site for group/bulk vaccinations.
  • Flu vaccines provide a significant return on investment, resulting in fewer staff sick days.
  • A workplace flu vaccine program shows your employees that you value their health and wellbeing.

The Issue…

Preparing your staff for dirty or risky jobs and locations through proactive vaccinations.

Our Solution…

  • We recommend that ‘at risk’ staff be vaccinated for tetanus and hepatitis B as a minimum.
  • Flexible approach.
  • Staff can attend any of the clinics where they are assessed and vaccinated in line with your approved process.
  • We can organise nurses/doctors to attend your work sites for group/bulk vaccinations.
  • Speak to our expert medical team about your specific work environment so we can cater a specific vaccine program for you.

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